About Juneteenth Cincinnati

Juneteenth Cincinnati, Inc. is incorporated in Ohio as a non-profit corporation. It is does not a 501(c)(3), but can receive tax-free deductible donations via its fiscal agent, Kennedy Heights Community Council, Inc.

The organization is 100% volunteer–no paid staff, no consultants, no independent contractors. We rely on grants, donations, and event fees to fund the Festival, which we produce with a break-even (we hope) budget.

Without the corporations, foundations, and individuals recognized here, the Festival would not be possible. Many have “hotlinks” so you can learn more about them on the web.


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Lydia Morgan

Juneteenth Cincinnati

6242 Orchard Lane

Cincinnati, OH   45202




2022 Sponsors

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati and Southwestern Ohio

Organizational Supporters

● Avondale Youth Council
● Baptist Ministers  Conference
● Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati
● Cincinnati Herald
● Cincinnati Ass’n for the Blind
● Cincinnati Museum Center
● Cincinnati Park Board
● Faith Community Alliance
● First Baptist Church of Kennedy Heights
● Friends of Juneteenth
● Heavenward Farm & Horsemanship
● Kennedy Heights  Presbyterian Church
● League of Women Voters
● S & S Printingl
● Talbert House
● Women of Kennedy


2022 Individual Friends of

Prince & Elizabeth Brown
Kathy Burlew
Bea Conner
Lois Conyers
Kenny & Johnie Davis
Paul & Carol Davis
Joyce Drake
Karen Durant-Thomas
Jean Feinberg
Morris Gales, Jr.
B. J. Gardner
Judith Gatch
Linda & Steven Grieser
Gloria Hanley
Sr. Carren Herring
Carol Hubbard
Deborah Jackson
Bob & Mary Kamp
Jerry Kirby
Darla & Peter Knox
Kate Kern & Pat MacVeich
Gloria & Tommy Manggrum
Michael & Debbie Manggrum
Lydia Morgan
Rick & Nancy Morgan
Col Owens
William and Edith Patton
Euvie Rankin
Mary & Chris Ray
Richard & Diana Routman
Ron & Marilyn Slone
Sue Ann Spears
Phyllis & Lionel Williams