Voices of Freedom

Juneteenth Cincinnati  in collaboration  with the Kennedy Heights  Center commissioned new works by 10 artists and 10 poets exploring the promise and reality of “freedom” as experienced by those whose lives and destinies were touched by Emancipation. Their work was presented in a series of cabaret evenings at the Arts Center and exhibited at the Arts Center in February and March 2022 .

The art pieces are shown here and linked to audio recordings of poets reading their interpretation at one of the cabaret evenings before an enthusiastic audience. Replicas of the art will be on display at the Juneteenth Festival on June 18.

This project has been made possible by American Rescue Plan funds from the City of Cincinnati, administered through ArtsWave.

Through the Eyes of Others by Jeni Jenkins; Poet, God's Grace
Fine and Pretty Things by Kierston Ghaznavi; Poet Victoria Cipriani
When They See Us by Fatima Laster; Poet, MoPoetry Phillips
A Culture of Freedom by Blake Pierre; Poet, Kimberly Bolden
Irony of the 4 Freedoms by Mark Anthony Brown, Jr.; Poet, The Psalmist
DNAS Restoration and Repair by Komikka Patton; Poet Anthony Williams
Solicited Colours by Dave McClinton; Poet, Manuel Iris
Outside the Cave by Michael Thompson; Poet, Gifted